About Homepedia - why we do what we do?
We started this website Homepedia.co.uk deliver useful and important information to buyers and users of home and diy-related products and services. Our goal is to provide a fair and impartial advice and discuss relevant topics.

What makes us different?
We don't just want you to come to our website so that we can persuade you to buy a product. We want to help our users to make informed decisions when purchasing products. Therefore, we will review all disadvantages of a product or a service, as well as its advantages. This makes us different to most websites on the Internet which are run solely, or at least primarily, to receive commission from companies when users buy a product.

We try to put as much content as possible online for everyone to use, but we do respond (subject to limitations) to user queries. We help out many of the hundreds of users that come to our website each month.

Our Values
Whatever editorial content we put online, we try to make sure it adheres to our policy as much as to our values. We believe it is important to share these values with our users:

Impartiality: we are independent of any company reviewed on this website;
Honesty & Integrity: we will always be completely honest with you – we will not let any commercial interest interfere with the advice we provide to you.
Transparency: we guarantee that all 3rd party links or advertising is clearly identifiable as such and that visitors should be able to identify hyperlinks/advertising on our site where we may receive affiliate revenue.

We respect your privacy—please read our privacy policy.
Team Homepedia.co.uk