Spring – the Perfect Time to Update your Garden Furniture

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and start enjoying your garden after the long winter – it’s also the best time to update your tired, weather-worn garden furniture for a fresh new look! Read on for our handy guide to garden furniture that will help you to select the perfect options for your garden.


Think about Size

Whether your garden is a tiny area of decking or an expansive stretch of greenery, you can find garden furniture that’s perfect for your space.

Think about what type of furniture you would like – perhaps a round table with a couple of seats would work best, or if you’re planning on entertaining outdoors, a longer table with benches could work well.

The English Weather

Choosing the right material for your garden furniture is paramount – you want something hardwearing that is ideally also low maintenance.

Here are some of the most popular materials used for garden furniture:

• Rattan or wicker 

• Wood 

• Metal such as cast iron 

• Aluminium 

• Marble or other natural stone 

Metal furniture such as aluminium is the most durable and hardwearing – it won’t require maintenance and can be kept outdoors year round.

If choosing wooden garden furniture, you may need to seal it against the weather by applying protective coats of varnish before use, so it’s important to bear this in mind.

Rattan or wicker furniture is ideal for outdoor use and the latest ranges of garden furniture are totally weatherproof, meaning that you can leave your table and chairs out all year round.

Natural stone and marble furniture is durable and will last a lifetime – the tables and chairs are usually made from cast iron with a marble or ceramic tiled top which will require no maintenance.

Wrought iron is the most durable material for garden furniture. There are many beautiful frames so worth to look at it. It's lifetime is 25+ years. The only downside is that it's quite heavy to move around. 

The Beauty of Wood

Wooden garden furniture is one of the most popular options and there is a wide range of styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for a small bistro set for outdoor dining or a family sized picnic table and benches.

Popular woods used for garden furniture include:

• Pine

• Acacia

• Teak

• Oak

• Cedar

• Eucalyptus

Some furniture will already be treated for outdoor use in all weathers, but it is important to check this before purchasing. Whilst eucalyptus and teak are the two most expensive woods, these are naturally oily, dense woods and so can be left outdoors in all weathers with minimal treatment.

It’s important to select the size and material of garden furniture which best suits your needs. For low maintenance, affordable furniture, aluminium or metal is the best option, whereas if beauty and durability are your top priorities, investing in a wooden garden furniture set is wise.


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