Finding conservatory furniture of the finest cut

The conservatory is the hybrid space where space arrangement befitting the interior and lush daylight typical of the exterior meet. Furniture for it should, therefore, be of a hybrid nature, too. This would mean that whilst it would consist of two- or three-seaters along with some chairs and armchairs as any living room would have, its outdoor touch would be reflected in the choice of materials. As a rule, these items are made of rattan or cane, in combination with cushions made of fabric.

Size to measure

While indoors, the conservatory should create the impression of being located outdoors. This would mean that whatever your choice, when placed it should leave ample unoccupied space, the way it would have been with an outdoor, garden or patio, arrangement. Usually, furniture should comprise a third of the space at most.

Colour and shading issues

To ensure no light is "eaten", you should stick to the light colours and shades or have at least the cushions in the light colour spectrum. It is best that furniture items are a neat fit with the colours of your walls and curtains to arrive to a fully-consonant design.

What material?

There are no restrictions in what material the furniture should be but most common materials used for conservatory furniture are wicker, cane, rattan and metal. They are suitable and easy to take care of, but finally it is all up to your requirements and preferences.

Suites or individual items

While buying full conservatory suites would be the best option, sometimes you might need just one item or two (if, for example, you want to add it/them to an existing arrangement). Buying separate items and compiling them into a set might also be a good solution if you have previously consulted a designer and he/she has greenlighted for you a bold solution of nicely fitting disparate items blending greatly into one.

Free swatches

If buying online, it would be safe for you to purchase an item only after seeing and feeling the materials beforehand. This is especially true of the fabric portion of your conservatory furniture. Usually, providers give you the chance to order swatches for free. Do not hesitate to order and get one before taking the final decision.


Home Life Direct has suites, sofas, chairs, footstools, tables, scatter cushions all at your disposal in individual sections. Review each one of them to get an overall idea of the existing offer.

 Direct Cane works with several suppliers, among which Desser, Cane Industries, Habasco and Daro. Here you can also get fabric samples for free and so is free the delivery of all items worth £700 and more.

At M&S, you can find conservatory furniture in the Home & Furniture section of the website. You can also filter your selection according to your preferred size, price and fabric to review exactly what you need.

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