Choosing the right vacuum cleaner

There is not a single modern home which can do without a vacuum cleaner. No wonder: this appliance can rid you off unpleasant soil and dirt like no broom sweep could. Yet its efficiency can vary widely depending on its wattage, technology used, etc. Without getting all that technical, you need to answer a few questions before arriving to the profile of your dream vacuum cleaner.


It is not a secret that the higher the wattage, the more powerful the machine. Yet you should bear in mind that the higher the wattage, the higher the price. Hence, it is important here to decide what would be the optimal solution for you. If your home or office are busy, then, naturally, the top-powered item would be the one for you. If you fall into the golden mean, then your purchase should hover around the medium segment.

Hot water steam or air stream

You should also decide whether your cleaner would be water- or air-friendly. Using hot water steam cleanses while rinsing. If grease or enduring dirt are the unavoidable pollutants of your rugs and carpets, then go ahead with this very solution. As for air stream, you use the conventional technology which relies on the powerful air suction to clean all idle and unwanted particles.

With or without a bag

Many vacuum cleaner manufacturers have tapped to people's wish to have no subsequent purchases related to their vacuum cleaner; hence, instead of a paper bag they use a plastic cylinder instead. If, however, you would not wish to bother with cleaning, washing, drying your multi-use cylinder, then disposable paper bags are the right option for you.

Find the right vacuum cleaner at:

Amazon can be the start of your vacuum cleaner search. Featuring all possible vacuum cleaner makes and models, along with the price tag attached, you are unlikely to remain ignorant about anything. Do as much sorting as you would need, check the availability and make your choices.

At John Lewis, you can also refine your vacuum cleaner search by manufacturer, price, type and even rating. You can shop hear related products such as cleaning solutions, filters and bags, among others.

Which, for its part, offers reviews and ratings from specialists. This is especially handy if you do not know but would like to know what to buy. Make sure you use the product comparison tool. It will aid you see how equal parameters fare in terms of price.