Create a Stir with Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

It’s the perfect time of year to update your bathroom – this will add value to your home but also give you a fresh, contemporary space in which to relax and unwind. Just read through our quick guide to bathroom furniture to see if you should update your bathroom furniture this year.

Contemporary Styles

There are many different styles of bathroom furniture to choose from, but clean, contemporary styles are the most popular around. It’s important to choose a white bathroom suite, as anything else can make your home look dated. There are a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the configuration of your bathroom, from shower cubicles to fitted or freestanding bath tubs and basins.

For those having to fit everything in a small space it is advisable to choose light colours and add mirrors to make it look more spacious. If still you insist to have some dark tones, then they might be just a small piece of accent which will match or be a contrast of the rest colours. 

Think Outside the Box

It’s possible to create a unique, contemporary bathroom fairly easily with a bit of creativity. If your space is small, you may need to limit the amount of furniture you place in it – it might be a case of deciding between a bath or a shower cubicle, for example. It’s possible to find smaller size bath tubs or shaped configurations such as L-shaped tubs which are designed specifically for smaller bathrooms. You could install a shower over the bath if space is at a premium.

Choosing the Right Fittings

Once you’ve chosen a bath tub, shower cubicle and toilet it’s time to turn your attention to the basin. Modern frosted glass basins are beautiful but might not be the most practical option if you have children, as they tend to be quite compact. You can further personalise your bathroom by selecting unusual fittings such as taps and the toilet flush – it’s possible to find taps which filter water and this is a great idea if you live in a hard water area. You can even find taps which have LED lights built in if you’re looking for something really funky.

Storage Space

It’s important to make sure you have ample storage space in your bathroom, by installing a vanity unit, shelving unit or medicine cabinet (all three, if you like). This is particularly so for smaller bathrooms where having products on display will create a cluttered look. By choosing bathroom cabinets which complement the style of your furniture, you can create a minimalist, contemporary look.


Don’t forget to add some decorative accessories to your new bathroom – it’s not all about the bathroom furniture. Sleek accessories such as a toothbrush holder and soap dish can add the finishing touches to your new contemporary space. 

Where to find bathroom furniture online?

Better Bathrooms are leaders in bathrooms and related furniture on the market. They will offer you from shower enclosures to stylish fittings so the choice on their website is huge. They give you the option even to express the designer in you with some interesting ideas. Bath Empire Offer free deliver on all orders over £199 and also all their items come with 10 year warranty. Expect next day delivery. Victoria Plumb offer different ranges and styles so it's worht having a look if you want just to renovate your bathrom or fully furnish it.

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