Buyer's Guide: What to look for in a food mixer

An ad which ran recently recognised that men's love passed through their stomach but it also admitted that to keep that love burning you might end up spending your life in the kitchen. Even if cooking is the hobby which has revealed to you its mysterious ways and you would want cooking to be an essential part of your life, you are likely to cut the tedious jobs short. A food mixer is just about that. Accelerating timesfold the cutting, chopping, mixing process, you save valuable minutes which can be used elsewhere. Now that you have realised the need for a food mixer, it is time to decide on its type.

Stand or hand mixer

A stand mixer keeps both of your hands free and there is no chance that you feel fatigue in your arms or wrists after holding it for a while, like hand mixers might. The downside of a stand mixer is that is occupies much more space than its hand counterpart. Equipped with a motor, bowl, a number of pieces, it might need to stay always on top of a table or cabinet and, thus, be exposed to dust and "eat away" your cooking space. Hand mixers are much more compact for that matter and can be used with any utensil you have chosen for your particular dish.

Motor power and speeds

The larger the motor power, the faster the mixers' revolutions, so the faster you will get the job done. What is more, you have more speeds to play with. With more revolutions per minute, however, you are likely to generate more noise. Besides, be prepared to pay more for higher motor power and higher power consumption.

Bowl size

The size of a bowl should be commensurate to the size of your family. Apply this general rule when buying a food mixer. Buying a larger one might save you some efforts when preparing lunch for a couple of dozen of guests but will exert excessive effort off you when cooking for two (after having filled a quarter of it or less).

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