Things to look for in a dishwasher

Dishwashers, the modern aide of housewives, have long been acclaimed for being a time-saver but has just as long been finger-pointed for being too loud, time- and energy-consuming. The good news is that dishwasher manufacturers have made progress on all three accounts. Most modern models permit quiet operation, have a faster washing cycle (as fast as 20 minutes) and are of energy efficiency Class A and above.

Integrated or not

Modern kitchen look tidy and simple so ideally, your dishwasher should be integrated into the overall kitchen furniture to avoid clutter and ease cleaning. This will happen if, at the time of dishwasher purchase, you re-model your kitchen. Alternatively, if you have a spare bottom cabinet, you can look out for dishwashers of comparable size. Unless you are skilled in assembly works, inquire about the exact dimensions your dishwasher should have for it to seamlessly fit in the cabinet. If none of these options works for you, then specifically ask for a portable machine.

What size

A big family, one which enjoys big parties, one that likes eating amply with several dishes per meal. This is the profile of a family in need of a big dishwasher. Apart from larger capacity, you should look for a larger amount of racks. There are models with six to seven foldable racks whose height is adjustable to the dish set size you have in hand. Normally widths are 45 cm for small dishwashers and 60 cm for big ones, so make sure you have that space to place it in.


A family with little children is especially in need of a child safety lock to prevent the risk of scalding. Having a ServoLock door will see your dishwasher door closing gently to locking position. A special programme can remember your washing preferences and come up with a shortcut to them. Along with status indicators, you also usually have a timer which can programme your device to start at a 1- to 24-hour delay.

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Among the top brands are Miele, Bosch and Hotpoint. But whatever brand or make you choose take a look at dishwashers features such as noise level, water consumption and energy level, as these are the main factors together with the price and guarantee to determine your purchase. 

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