Buying a CCTV system for your circumstances

Putting your home, office or shop under surveillance has many upsides. For one, you will be more protected by offering tangible evidence to police, if need be. Then burglars may give up their criminal intents in the face of a solid CCTV system. You or your guards could also detect suspicious activity and, thus, prevent a crime from happening. To choose the right system for your circumstances among a very wide range of CCTV solutions, you have to answer several basic questions.

Analogue or DVR

An analogue camera or set of cameras is the right solution if money is tight. Regardless of the outdated technology, you will still be able to catch objects and movements real-time and store them on VHS. With DVR, you bet on the latest technology which allows for a clearer image and digital data storage. The minimal disk space used by your camera recordings permits keeping an archive for a longer period (VHS recordings are usually overwritten once every 48 hours).

Monochrome or colour

The monochrome solution is naturally cheaper and is capable of recording with an IR light on, thus, never giving intruders a chance to know they are recorded. Nonetheless, monochrome images tend to be a bit blurred. The colour CCTV, for its part, has a crisper picture yet is unable to catch images at night, unless there is good lighting.

Indoor or outdoor

If your solution needs to guard the outdoor space around your house and office, then consider a weather-resistant solution. It is no less important that it be able to withstand extreme temperature, heat and freezing cold alike.

Dome or static

A static camera is an excellent solution if you are interested in safeguarding a single spot such as the cash register area in a shop or a safe in a bank, or else an ATM. Dome solutions are an appropriate solution for a wider area under surveillance which exacts a wider field of vision.

Caught on Camera has solutions for business, logistics, residential clients and offers free on-site survey to see which CCTV would suit best. Their standard CCTV system costs around £900.

ADT has a free survey service as well. In addition, they have published a webpage facilitating comparison among available CCTV packages. A no less important fact is that their call out service is year-round, 24/7.

Gadspot gives an opportunity to assemble a CCTV system yourself by separately choosing cameras, DVRs, accessories, among others. Once you have made the selection, make sure that prior to the purchase you have consulted compatibility issues with a company consultant.