Contents Insurance

Zeroing risk with contents insurance Personal possessions which populate our house are not mere spirit-strapped objects which are there to only serve a function. Most often than not, they are all a collection of memories of buying on impulse or, on the opposite, of long-time pre-purchase considerations. Insuring your collection of material memories will not protect them from theft, damage or fire, but at the least will offer you funds to generate a new collection.

Contents is?...

Contents is the movable property in your house and garden. This entails your movable furniture, kitchen appliances, consumer electronics, office equipment, money at your home and locks and keys. If you keep jewellery at your home, be warned that your high-value items usually need a separate insurance.

How much can I redeem?

Generally, a standard insurance cover hovers between £50,000 and £75,000. Nonetheless, only an expert assessment at your house will calculate redeemable funds accurately. An alternative method for coming up with a realistic approximation is the contents calculators which contents insurers offer online. There you will see a detailed breakdown of personal items, against which you will have to enter their value, with the bottom line being the sum you could realistically claim.


A number of insurers offer you to bundle buildings and contents insurance since they naturally pair up (excluding burglary, it is rare when a building remains unscathed when personal possessions do and vice versa). And they do so at a tangible discount. While some of them offer up to £50 off the standard individual premium, others - up to 50% off the overall price of the insurance. Be careful when reading the terms and conditions to ensure you are eligible for either.

At, you will find 84 contents insurers competing for you as a client and, hence, offering the lowest possible rates. Before getting a quote, be prepared to leaf through and correct, if necessary, the assumptions the website makes, as well as enter your personal and property details.

On the other hand, Direct Line has two basic types of contents insurance Home Insurance Standard Policy and Home Insurance Plus Policy. They warn that the premiums go 5% up during Christmas and family weddings.

At Compare The Market you can get and compare quotes from top UK insurance providers as all you need to do is to enter few details regarding your content and the level of cover you need. Be aware that the details you provide should be accurate as the insurer might increase your premium if they are not as accurate.

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