Why often times uPVC double glazing is the best choice?

uPVC is a synthetic material and it can safely be said that it is a synthesis of all the best properties your windows and doors would need. Unlike wood, they do not get corrugated by rain or snow nor pale out because of bright sunshine. Therefore, keep their original shape longer than their wooden counterparts. Next, they can be painted and moulded into whatever shape your fantasy conjures. In combination with double glazing windows, they become the noise insulator, heat retainer and cold repeller that your house needs.

The insulation secret

How come that your house gets insulated from noise and cold with uPVC double glazing? First, uPVC is so tightly knit, with no internal crevices whatsoever, that it lets no noise and cold inside, nor heat outside your home. The glass component, for its part, does a job of its own. The air located in between the two panes of glass acts as a natural insulator between the interior of your house and the atmosphere outdoors.

The energy-saving secret

By keeping cold outside and retaining heat inside, you have found a shortcut to energy-saving. A few independent research studies have seen the abovementioned insulation secret achieve up to 20% in energy savings. The decrease applies to heating and electricity bills alike. Therefore, a switch to this type of windows might be a costly investment in itself in the beginning but one that would keep money in your pocket over the longer run. UPVC keeps a moderate temperature in your home/office if no heater or cooler is used. 

Cheap but not too cheap

While uPVC is the cheaper alternative when compared to wood, do not be caught in the trap of getting too cheap a solution. Like all other materials, glass and uPVC have their degrees of quality and if the price is too low, this might mean that you are getting a product doomed to replacement in about a year or two. When looking for an optimum solution, ask for credentials and certifications for manufacturers and materials alike to ensure you get excellent quality for your money.  

UPVC has a standard life of 20 years making it a great choice for double glazed windows as it improves their insulation. 

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