Perch on a Perfect Bar Stool

Bar stools are perfect for modern dining on the go – contemporary, stylish bar stools are the perfect addition to any home. Whether you choose plastic, leather or metal stools they add an instant touch of class and a splash of personality to your kitchen. If you are considering buying bar stools for your home, you need to read our handy guide before you go any further.

Colourful Style

Choosing the right colour bar stools for your home is essential if you want to make an impact. Choosing a vibrant, contrasting colour stool is ideal for a bold look, whereas if you are aiming to keep your home décor sleek and stylish, choosing a neutral colour may be best. Bright pink, green, blue or yellow bar stools stand out in a modern black or white kitchen, but if your kitchen is already decorated in a vivid colour, a white or black bar stool is the perfect choice.

What’s it Made of?

When choosing the material for your bar stool, think about functionality as well as comfort. You can choose from a wide range of materials such as leather, faux leather, plastic, chrome, resin or wood, and these all come in a variety of colours. Painted wooden or plastic bar stools create a retro feel in bright shades, and choosing a wooden bar stool is a great way to add a contemporary stylish look to any kitchen. Bear in mind that leather will be more comfortable if you’re planning on spending long periods of time sitting on your stool.

Height, Height Baby

It’s all about height – if your bar stool isn’t the correct height for your breakfast bar then it is of no use. You can buy gas lift bar stools which allow the seat to be raised or lowered depending on requirements – this is the perfect choice for those with children. Gas lift stools also usually swivel around to make getting on and off the stool much easier. Think about whether you want your bar stools to have a back for leaning on – this is advised if you’re going to be sitting for longer periods of time (when entertaining guests for example).

When buying a bar stool without lift mechanism mind what is the height of the counter top as commonly there are 2 heights available. If your top is 34"-39" then the stool should be 24"-29" high from the floor. If the bar top is 40"-46" you need a bar stool with a seat at 30" -36" from the floor.

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