Figuring out a drain cleaning solution

It is very easy to establish when there is a problem with the drain, whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. The primary signs is blockage with its variable degrees of severity and nuances such as slow water draining, gurgles or stale water (which is usually accompanied by a bad smell). The difficult and vital part is to identify the root cause because correct diagnostics is 80% of the troubleshooting process.

Types of blockages

Blockages can roughly be broken down into two categories.

* The first one is due to grease, fats and particles accumulation and this problem is typical for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

* Dirt and silt are another problematic material capable of building up a rigid film. Then the piping gradually reduces its diameter and leads to slowdown in water intake. The second one is due to piping structural defects or corrosion.

What to do

If you believe your problem falls into the first category, then you can try dealing with the problem yourself. There are a number of cleaning agents which cater to kitchen and bathroom drains. Just follow the instructions and wait for satisfactory results. If, however, they are not, then turn to a drain specialist to resolve your problem.

Types of intervention

A drain expert will arrive with a kit of diagnostics and mechanical tools. Most likely, the problematic site surveying will begin with CCTV diagnostics. A camera will be introduced into the drain to inspect the nature of the problem. A tree root might have cut through the pipe or corrosion might have eaten a pipe section. Depending on the problem, the intervention could entail the use of mechanical cutting and high-pressure jetting instruments. If piping replacement is needed, prepare for excavation and plumbing works. In this case, do not forget to ask the drain expert to contact your insurer and arrange for cost coverage with an insurance claim.

Dyno-Rod understand your problem is urgent; hence, your request for helped will be picked up at any time of the day and night. Its country-wide coverage allows it to be just as agile in arriving on-site and dealing with your problem.

Mr Muscle and its special "Find your solution" section will help you diagnose the problem and see if you can resolve it with any of its cleaning agents.

Delta Drains also has a 24/7 helpline and a range of services to treat the many issues to which your sewerage system might be subject.

Our advice is to make some research online to find drain cleaner service near you as they may do best work for you. You can compare prices from experienced and professional experts and get the drain unclogged and unblocked as soon as possible.

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