Finding the right carpet cleaning method

To maintain your carpets clean and with the vivid colours that attracted you at the store, it is necessary that you clean them at least twice a year. While there are many cleaning service providers around, the methods of carpet cleaning that they will offer can be reduced to numbered few. Their brief overview here will help you identify which one works best for your situation.

Shampoo/Foam vs Dry Cleaning

Cleaning with a shampoo or foam works the same way like you would wash your hair. You put some shampoo, wait for the active substances to work, then take the cleaning machine and thoroughly vacuum it off the carpet. While a good solution, it does not have the deep cleansing effect of dry cleaning. With this method, the chemical agent put onto the carpet will attract all dust and dirt by chemically bonding with either. Once the bonding process is over, a machine wipes the agent away.

Steam cleaning

Probably the most effective method is steam cleaning. This is again a machined method which sees a hot water stream directed to the carpet, thus effectively taking out any dirt and grease nesting in between the carpet hairs. Along with the hot water, microbe killers and deodorizing agents are injected, the end result being bacteria-free and nice-smelling carpets.

How frequently

You would need the deep cleansing methods (dry and steam cleaning) if you are to clean carpets in rooms close to the doorway (you often have people stepping with the boots on) or where in homes full of children and/or pets. It is recommendable that you use them once a year at most, the shampoo and foam options being the back-up "therapy".

With Carpet Cleaning, you get steam cleaning. The nine-step process can be supplanted with an optional one-step ScotchGard service which effectively protects your carpet from staining or soiling. Be warned, however, that their services are only for Londoners and the home counties around the M25.

3M Direct is the place where you do not buy the cleaning service; rather, the cleaning equipment. Review the floor cleaning section and also buy ScotchGard Protector already mentioned above.

Refresh Services is the place where you can order carpet cleaning for your home or office. The service is again for Londoners only. Believing that cleaning machinery is making qualitative technology leaps, the company keeps investing in the latest machines and cleansing agents.