Get Connected with the Best Broadband, TV and Phone Deals

Shopping around for the best broadband, TV and phone deals is a great idea, particularly if you’re looking for the highest speeds and most affordable packages. Take a few moments to read through our guide to choosing the best deals and see how much you could save!

High Speed Broadband

Many providers are now offering high speed broadband, but it’s important to check that the package offers unlimited downloads, as many providers put a cap in place to limit how much downloading or streaming you can do. If you regularly download films and music, an unlimited package will suit you best. Fibre optic broadband with some providers can reach speeds of 500Mb, but it depends on the area you live in.

What’s Included

Check what’s included with your bundle – some service providers will include a wireless modem whereas others expect you to buy the equipment yourself. If you’re opting for a bundle which includes phone and TV, a set top box will normally be provided, which you return at the end of your contract. Speaking of contracts, it’s important to check the length of any contract before signing up – these can vary from 12 to 24 months, although if you move house during your contract you can normally take your package with you.

Digital TV

You probably already have Freeview, but most broadband providers offer their wireless internet as a package deal with TV and phone included – whilst you don’t have to take all three, you could save significant amounts of money by doing so! Providers such as Sky and Virgin Media offer packages ranging from a few extra channels right through to the full blown sports and movie channels, which you’ll pay a premium for. Unless you spend a lot of time watching TV, the basic package is usually enough.

Keep in Touch

You might not use your home phone as much these days, but it’s still handy for longer chats with friends and family – try to look for a bundle which includes free calls so you can keep bills down and stay connected with those you love for less.

Virgin Media offer cable and wireless broadband, TV, phone and mobile phone services to customers across the UK and their fibre optic broadband provides download speeds of up to 516MB – most of their bundles offer great value for money and unlimited downloads.

Sky are one of the leading providers of internet, phone and TV bundles in the UK – they frequently have special offers available such as free installation or several months free line rental to encourage new customers to sign up.

BT provide phone, TV and internet bundles and are a reliable choice – their packages are often a bit more expensive than Sky or Virgin Media but they offer deals such as a free YouView set top box which offers catch-up TV services.

It is advisable to visit some comparison websites to compare offers from few providers and check availability of their services in your area. Ensuring your internet connection is fast and secure has become more important than ever, but it is not necessary to pay over your budget for it.

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