Bedroom Suites

A lot of people enjoy the task of designing their bedroom and selecting which pieces of furniture to decorate it with. However, this can be an expensive undertaking and for many people the option of walking into a furniture store and ordering a brand new bedroom suite simply doesn’t exist. In this guide we talk you through some tips and advice to ensure that when it comes to buying new bedroom furniture you don’t need to break the bank.

Bedroom Sets or Individual Pieces of Furniture?
There are some bedroom sets out there that can be quite expensive and often they include items that you either won’t want or simply don’t need, but there are plenty of sets available in a whole host of variations. So it’s wise to visit different stores/outlets and check online to see what is available.

Another thing to consider is buying pieces individually, this method may take a little longer but offers you a greater choice of furniture and can be cheaper than buying a set outright, particularly if you’re not buying brand new items.

There is no right or wrong answer between buying a set or buying your pieces individually, it’s a case of shopping around and seeing which option will provide you with the furniture you want at a price to suit you.

How much Space do have
Bedrooms come in different shapes and sizes so the first thing you should do is measure the dimensions of your bedroom to see how much space you’ve got to work with. Depending on the results this may limit what kind of furniture available to you.

Maximise what you’ve got
When you’ve worked out what space you’ve got to work with look for practical solutions to suit your situation, for example, there are wardrobes with sliding doors that can occupy a tight space. Others have shelving, draws and hanging rails to really make best use of the storage space available to you. Divan beds come with draws underneath and some bed frames have room to slide storage units underneath.

Choose your style

There is a wide range of products on the market and it can be confusing to buy the right one, but one main factor to narrow dawn your options is choose the style. You may prefer modern, traditional or rustic style, but whatever the choice is remember that the bedroom is a place to relax and rest, so it should make you feel calm and comfortable.

While wood is the most popular choice when it comes to make of bedroom furniture, there are others available.

Plastic furniture can be far less expensive than a wooden equivalent, and although it may not be as robust as wood in the long run, looking at how much you can save with the initial purchase makes plastic well worth considering. Plastic may also come in handy when furnishing a child’s room where furniture is more likely to be damaged or need replacing.

While not as common anymore metal furniture is still an option worth considering. Metal pieces will last much longer than wooden ones, are harder to damage or break and can be painted to match other furniture in the room.

Glass You can find bedroom furniture made from glass, particularly mirrored glass, but these pieces are usually more expensive than their metal or wooden counterparts so if you’re sticking to a budget you may want to look at other options.

Don’t go OTT
Bedrooms are places to chill out and relax and while you may enjoy hunting around for furniture and maximising the use of every available space, the last thing you want to do is leave yourself with a cluttered room. Don’t fill spaces and buy furniture just for the sake of it.

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