A buyer’s guide to wooden windows

If you’ve chosen to either replace your PVC windows with wooden ones, or are simply finding that your existing wooden windows have come to the end of their shelf life then you’ll probably want a few tips on making a saving on what can be a considerable cost. This guide talks you through doing just that, as well as the other factors you should be considering when choosing wooden windows for your home.

Making a saving on wooden windows

Price versus quality

One of the most important factors to consider is that finding the cheapest wooden windows may not always be the best option. Wooden windows certainly have a tough life, however, treated well and being of good quality means that they can easily last in excess of 10 years. Opting for low budget, poor quality wooden windows can see you needing to replace them in possibly even half that time.

Gathering quotes from reputable specialists

Wooden windows are a specialist area and so you’ll inevitably need to use the expertise of a qualified professional. This does of course attract a premium, but you can help keep this cost down by contacting as many providers as possible for quotes. Additionally however you should also check consumer review websites to research such providers in order to ensure that you’ll receive quality wooden windows and workmanship.

Considering smaller businesses

Whilst you may think that larger companies are the way to go for savings you shouldn’t discount local tradesman that may be working alone. Given that wooden windows are such a specialist area you’ll probably find that larger companies have no greater buying power than smaller ones, particularly where the windows are made in bespoke sizing (which they generally are, more often than not).

Other factors to consider when buying wooden windows

Buying wooden windows for the period home

Wooden windows are generally a popular choice for homeowners of period buildings. In particular the replacement of PVC is increasingly being seen in buildings that have lost character through the soleless plastic look.

If this is the situation you find yourself in then you need to consider how much colder your house may become be reverting back to single pane glass. You can limit how much this affects you by opting for double windows where the outer window is backed up by a sliding window behind it.

Choosing the correct style for your home

If you’re purchasing wooden windows for your period home that currently has PVC windows then you’ll need to undertake a little research as to what style you’re looking for. For example, Victorian properties generally follow a sash style (where the bottom half of the window slides up vertically).

Most used wood for wooden windows is timber. This type of wood offers a choice of sash or casement windows. The wooden windows usually come with 30 years guarantee. 

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