A buyer’s guide to wooden doors

If you’re about to replace either your outer or inner doors with replacement wooden doors then you may at first be a little putback by the pricing. With inner doors averaging at around £300 to £400 and outer doors for more you’ll probably want some guidance as to how to make a saving without compromising on quality. This guide is aimed at doing just that and also talks you through the other factors you should consider when buying wooden doors.

How to make a saving when buying wooden doors

Shopping online versus shopping in store

Generally you’ll always find that shopping online is your best option for making a saving. Just be sure to check out the delivery rates prior to browsing as some online retailers have rates that make the savings of shopping online irrelevant.

Standard versus bespoke sized doors

The mainstream doors on the market today are generally geared toward modern home sizes. If you have a period property then you may well find that hunting down the correct size becomes rather a difficult task and in this instance you may even need to order your doors from a bespoke door maker. Unfortunately this can turn out to be unavoidably expensive and so you may want to consider making over your existing doors rather than buying new.

If you do have standard sized doors however then you may want to ask in a retail store as to whether they have any ex-display doors that can be sold at a discount.

Making over your doors rather than buying new

Making over your doors rather than buying new will involve plenty of elbow grease but can avoid buying new doors altogether. As well as the saving you also won’t have to worry about hanging them and getting the measurements as to where to place the hinges right.

Other factors to consider when choosing wooden doors

Prepainted versus bare wooden doors

Wooden doors that are prepainted are always going to attract a premium and sometimes it’s a significant one at that. However you need to weigh up the amount of time it will take you to paint your door, as well as adding in the cost of buying the paint or varnish. As well as this you’ll generally find that using white paint will see you needing to top up the coat in around a month’s time. This is because wood is porous, and the paint will soak through the wood to reveal the darker knots after at certain time.

Checking your sizes thrice

Checking your measurements at least three times when buying new wooden doors is essential. The fact that doors can drastically differ in size means that you need to be millimetre precise.

Front or internal wooden doors?

Wooden doors can be used for both front and internal use and they bring a stylish touch to your interior and exterior. Usually timber or oak is the material used for doors but you also get to choose beech, oak, walnut and mahogany. 

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