Update your Home with UPVC Windows

Replacing your existing windows with UPVC windows is not only practical but also environmentally friendly – whether you choose from traditional or contemporary style windows you will benefit from the energy efficiency that weather proof UPVC provides. Here is a quick guide to UPVC windows which will make sure you make the right choices when buying this product.


Traditional Style, Modern Benefits

If you live in a period property, replacing existing draughty, single glazed sash windows with modern UPVC windows is a great idea. It’s possible to have UPVC windows made to perfectly compliment the existing style and architecture of your home, but with modern UPVC, your home will be much warmer thanks to the superior insulation of these windows – you’ll notice a difference in your energy bills over the course of the year.

Check Accreditation

It’s important that any UPVC window supplier and installer has the necessary accreditation and it is also worthwhile using a FENSA approved installer. By using an installer who is not FENSA approved, the local authority may have to inspect your windows after installation, and this could cost you several hundred pounds. Using an approved installer means you can be confident that your new windows meet current building regulations.

A Range of Colours

You’ll find that UPVC comes in a wide range of colours, and many window manufacturers are able to offer a colour match service where they will spray products to match your existing architecture. It’s easy to achieve a traditional or contemporary style with coloured UPVC windows.

The Benefits of UPVC

UPVC is not only a durable material, it is also energy efficient and you’ll find that new UPVC windows are far more secure than traditional windows such as wooden sash and case. Thanks to superior insulation and noise reduction, you’ll find your home is much quieter and warmer – UPVC windows are weatherproof and designed to keep heat in your property, so you’ll soon notice savings on your energy bills. This means that when you come to sell your property, your energy rating will be improved. In addition, UPVC windows usually come fitted with a locking system, so you may benefit from discounts on your home insurance.

UPVC windows don't rot and are resistant to corrosion. This way you will enjoy your windows as they are for longer and the truth is that they are very low maintenance. Because UPVC is so easy to maintain and durable, your new windows will look good for years to come with little to no maintenance required, unlike wooden windows which require regular weatherproofing, varnishing or painting. UPVC windows are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to bring their home into the 21st century and add value to their property.

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