Keep Cosy with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm and cosy without bulky, ugly radiators in every room. It can be used under tile, stone or wooden surfaces and even underneath carpet, to ensure your feet don’t get cold, no matter what the weather. Our handy guide to underfloor heating will help you to decide if it is right for you.


Types of Underfloor Heating

There are two main types of underfloor heating: electric heating and water underfloor heating. Here is a little bit about both:

• Electric underfloor heating uses electric wires which are installed underneath your flooring – these can be individual wires or cabled mats which can cover larger areas. It’s fair to say that electric underfloor heating is most commonly used under stone or tiled floors, as these are most likely to be cold underfoot. But you can also install this type of heating under carpeted surfaces, although generally your carpet and underlay need to be less than 1.5 togs, to allow the heat to travel upwards.

• Water underfloor heating uses pipes which connect to your boiler and allow hot water to circulate underneath your flooring – this is a very energy efficient way of heating your home, as an underfloor hot water system can use water at a much lower temperature, increasing the efficiency of your boiler. It can be tricky fitting water underfloor heating to an existing floor as there needs to be space for the pipes, meaning that your floor may require to be elevated.

Isn’t It Expensive?

Running an underfloor heating system could cost less than you might think. Whilst it’s more expensive to install a water underfloor system than an electric one, water systems are typically cheaper to run than using traditional radiators, although you will probably only see fairly small savings in your yearly fuel bills.

Electric underfloor heating, whilst cheaper to install than a water underfloor system costs more to run – you can’t use it on an economy tariff unless you’re only using your heating at night, so it’s only recommended for use in smaller areas.

Another good advantage of underfloor heating is that it is hidden and you don't have to worry about radiators that don't go well with your interior. This gives you the freedom of more extraordinary home interiors. 

You can expect to get a higher price if you have underfloor heating installed in the house you are selling. 

Is it right for your home?

Whilst underfloor heating will ensure tiled and stone floors are cosy underfoot and prevent the need for unsightly, space consuming radiators, installing it under existing floors can be difficult and you’ll find it is expensive to run. It is important to have your underfloor heating professionally installed rather than attempting to do this yourself as you could injure yourself or damage your home in the process.

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