Buying the right set of aluminium windows and doors for your home

There is so much about aluminium which makes it suitable for both windows and doors and here you will find a few of the reasons why you should stick to this type of material. Take note of these when comparing different options for your brand new or replacement windows and doors.

Looks and acts modern

Aluminium is very thin and its sleek lines protrude minimally from the glass, thus giving a modern look to any fashionable establishment. What is more, this material is highly energy efficient since its tight-knitted structure and perfect sealing with glass allow for excellent insulation which can keep heat inside and cold outside. Besides that you can have it done in all sizes and types.

All colours and moulds available

Another couple of upsides about aluminium is that, among many others, you can have it painted in all colours of the rainbow and in all patterns imaginable, of course the latter being mostly applicable to doorsand designs.


Further down the list with essential properties of aluminium is that it does not get corrugated, unlike its wooden counterpart. Nor does it get weathered down due to extreme sunshine or freezing cold. This makes manufacturers capable of offering many years of warranty (up to 25 years) and, thereby, peace of mind that you will not be changing doors and windows once every two years.

Cheaper than wood, comparable with uPVC

Another great advantage of aluminium is that it does not cost a fortune. While wood is attractive over being so solid, its prices may often times appear dissuasively high. With all its excellent properties, aluminium, just like uPVC, costs usually a fraction of the price of wood and it is quite a good solution when you have to equip your whole house with tens of windows and doors which will last for about 25 years.


Windows and Doors Prices is a good starting point in your search for aluminium doors and windows. After completing the price comparison form on its website, you will get three offers from three different suppliers to choose from. This will give you a good approximation for the going rates on the market.

SafeStyle UK, for its part, has single and double-glazed doors and windows with numerous finishes and colours so that they can meet the requirements of even the most pretentious ones.

With UPVC Windows, you do the comparison, avoid the rogue traders and do so for free with no obligations whatsoever.


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