A complete guide to Sofa Covers

For those who may be short on spare cash, or even with a particular love for the comfort of their old sofa, there can be no better a solution for getting a fresh look than a new sofa cover. However, given the sheer range of sofa styles, shapes and sizes finding the sofa cover that is suitable for you can seem like a surprisingly difficult task.


Types of sofa covers

Fitted versus stretch sofa covers

If you’re looking for a formal style then you should consider a fitted sofa cover that will fit snugly around the shape of your sofa. This form of sofa cover requires you to becompletely accurate with your measurements, as there is generally very little Leigh way in as far as their elasticity. The effect that this creates however is more similar to the look of a new sofa, rather than a sofa that has been covered over. Common materials for this type of sofa cover include cotton, leather and suede.

There are many companies that offer fit to measure for sofa covers so you can order custom covers of any colour or material that will fit perfectly your sofa. 
Conversely, if you’re looking for a more casual look then stretch covers may be more suitable. Stretch sofa covers can also work for people who have an unusually shaped or sized sofa. Common materials for this type of sofa cover include microfiber, chenille, cotton-poly blend, woven fabrics and other materials that use the flexibility of spandex in the mix.

Whilst stretch covers are generally looser fitting than fitted covers you can purchase clips or ties to pin it in as you see fit. This is ideal for those who have found the perfect stretch cover, but who have found it to be too loose fitting for their tastes.


An alternative to a sofa cover is to purchase a throw. These drape over the sofa without any fittings. This option may be suitable to those who are particularly short on finances, although they look far less formal than either fitted or stretch sofa covers.


Sofa covers come in practically every material in existence, from cotton to suede including everything in between. If you need your new cover to be both durable and easy to clean then you should consider a cotton (although this can wrinkle easily) or brushed fabric material. Cotton based materials are also breathable, which means that they won’t become hot or sticky after they’ve been sat on for a while. Cotton also has the added benefit of being machine washable.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a more glamorous look then suede may be an option (although this material is known as being easy to stain). Between these two fabrics however is one that sits happily in the middle. Cotton-polyester is a mixed material that is both durable, as well as generally crease and wrinkle free.

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