A buyer’s guide to shutters

If you’re planning on buying shutters for your business or home then you’ll probably want a few tips on getting the best deal on what can turn out to be an expensive adornment to your home or workplace. This guide introduces you to some of the things you'll need to consider when buying the right style of shutter for your building.


Getting the best deal on your shutters

To start your search for the right shutters for your premises you should use the internet to get a basic idea of how much they are. Whilst shutter fittings change from premises to premises you will at least be able to compare the general prices from provider to provider. As well as the internet however it may be worthwhile to check out your local paper. Many people presume that smaller, local businesses can't compete with the large, nationwide shutter providers, generally however this isn’t always the case.

Other factors to consider when buying shutters

Finding a reputable company with high quality shutters

Whoever you choose, be they local or nationwide, it’s wise to do a little background research with consumer review websites. In particular you want to try and find out about how people have found their after sales service to be, this becomes ever more important with automated shutters that can sometimes run into problems a few months, or even years down the road.

Matching your shutters with your style of house

If you’re purchasing shutters for your home then you’ll probably need to find a specialist supplier (particularly if you’re looking for robust shutters that aren’t a blot on the overall look of your house). These types of specialists are experts in knowing how to get the most out of a shutter in terms of security, whilst choosing a style that are suitable for residential property placement.

Thinking about warranty

Warranty is essential when purchasing shutters and should come as standard wherever you purchase from. The details as to what’s covered however may vary from provider to provider so be sure to ask for these details when collecting quotes. This is all the more important when your shutters are automated as there are plenty of mechanical parts that may malfunction.

Types of shutters

Mechanical roller shutters

Mechanical roller shutters cover a wide spectrum of manufacturers and levels of security. These shutters are operated from the outside and roll down to lock with a mechanism that is screwed into the ground. These shutters can also work with alarm systems for an advanced level of security.

Home - Cafe Style shutters

Cafe style shutters are made from slats wood and are fitted within the home. Generally you’ll find that they cover around 50% of the window from the bottom up, however they can be made to bespoke measurements.

Home - Victorian Cafe Style Shutters

These are extremely similar to Cafe style shutters but are generally fitted around sash windows and so may be of a different height and width (e.g. Victorian windows are usually relatively wide as compared to modern homes).

If you are worried choosing the shutters online - you can always count on suppliers to send you free samples. Just choose a few to start with and go from there. 

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