What to look for in aluminium windows

When thinking of fitting new or replacing old windows, keep aluminium windows on your list. Not least over its lightness, durability and metamorphic looks. The last one is possible due to aluminium's ability to assume different forms and patterns as well as to take many colours. If you have already made up your mind on aluminium, then there are a few things to consider so that you buy the best aluminium window outfit for your home.

Single-, double- or triple-glazed

Your aluminium-framed windows can be equipped with one to three panes of glass depending on the weather and noise parameters of your house. An overly noisy external environment is sure to need the double- or triple-glazed solution because air between glass panes acts as natural insulator and muffles any unpleasant sounds.

What type

Aluminum is so pliable that you can have any window type and design available on the market. Whether sash or plain, tilt and turn, folding or yet reversible, you can have it all if you please. What is more, you have to decide on the opening mechanism (pivot or sliding) and locking mechanism (single or multi-point).

Ask for credentials and warranty

If you prefer to seek a provider over the Internet, then your first job when being referred to the website of the provider of an attractive offer is to see if the provider has the credentials. Look for CE marking for aluminium used, for company accreditations from associations in the sphere and proof of windows' meeting the relevant BS EN standards.

Special conditions

If you are in need of windows of irregular size such as one on the roof or attic or you would love to have French doors overlooking your patio, then it is best that you seek the advice of a specialist. It is important that you create of list of parameters that are of interest to you so that you talk all details over and so that nothing comes as a surprise during the installation phase.


There is no doubt you will have to pay more for aluminium windows than for uPVC. Considering that the aluminium is more durable and strong, does not react to heat and cold and have about 20-25 years lifespan it might be worth buying aluminium windows. Our advice is to check if the fitting is included in the price, as you might have to pay some extra for it.


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