What to look for in a rug

If there is anything which comes in droves on the market, then it is rugs. There are quite a few shops, online and brick-and-mortar alike, which are now capable of – and do offer – tens of thousands of designs. Oriental, floral, modernistic, shaggy or flokati, woollen sheep or goatskin – how to find the right rug within this lush offer? By being clean and clear what you are looking for. Material, thickness, dimensions and colours – these are all criteria that you need to know beforehand, in view of the interior you currently have and the affect you aspire to achieve.

Interior considerations

Since the rug is mostly a complement, rather than a key component of an interior, consider how bold can this complement be.

If the room is full of furniture or the wallpaper is ornate, then look for small rugs of a colour that merges with that of your furniture. In this way, you will add utility while avoiding the kitsch-bordering addition of yet another accent to your room.

For rooms which are largely monochrome, however, rugs of a larger size and vivid colours would add life and the much needed accent, in an escape from dullness.

Natural or synthetic

Much of rug diversity stems from the large variety of natural and synthetic materials they are made of. While naturals are mostly wool, cotton, silk, sisal, jute of bamboo, synthetics are viscose, rayon, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene fibres. All of them have their respective properties in terms of durability, resistance to stain or soil, among others. You have to be especially picky in regard to materials if you or any member of your family is allergic. With kids or pets, you will need material to be weathering well frequent washing.

The style of the rug depends on your home's interior. Make sure you combine well the colours and materials of your rug with the furniture and the decorations in your home. 

Find your rug online

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