Let some Light in with Stylish New Patio Doors

Spring and summer are the perfect time to update your doors and windows, and where better to start than by installing new patio doors. Take a few moments to read our guide to patio doors so you can decide whether they are right for your home.


Why Install Patio Doors?

If you don’t already have patio doors and are considering installing them, you should think about the benefits they will bring to your home. Patio doors are a great way to open up your living space in the summer and provide easy access to decking or the back garden.

They’re a great option for families with children or those who entertain in their garden – throwing a party or BBQ is much easier when there are patio doors linking your living space to the garden.

Different Styles

With so many different styles of patio doors to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some of the most popular types of patio doors available:

• Sliding doors

• French doors

• Bifold doors

• Swinging doors

Choosing the right style for your home is a case of thinking about your home’s existing architecture, the available space to install doors and the existing door style (if you currently have patio doors).

Energy Efficiency

It’s important to consider how energy efficient your new patio doors will be. UPVC patio doors with double glazing have superior insulation and will keep cold air out and warm air in, reducing your energy bills and improving the energy efficiency of your home overall.

Make sure that you pick the right size for your space to make sure that it fits perfectly. Another important point is the material used for the frame as it needs to be stubborn enough to stand time and usage wear. 

Other Materials

Of course, as well as UPVC, there are a range of other materials to consider when shopping around for patio doors. It’s possible to find doors made from aluminium or wood, and it is a personal preference which you would prefer for your home, although some materials may be more suitable than others depending on the style of door you choose and your home’s architecture.

The beauty of UPVC patio doors is that not only are they extremely durable and enhance the security of your home, but they also come in a wide range of colours so an exact match with existing fittings can be achieved. Some manufacturers will even custom spray paint doors to complement your home.

Choosing the Right Supplier

It’s important to choose an accredited manufacturer and supplier when arranging for your patio doors to be installed. You should check what accreditations the supplier holds and that the doors meet current safety and security standards – insecure patio doors could mean your home is more at risk of a break-in.

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