Neff Ovens Buying Guide

The range of kitchen appliances is unprecedented and with so much choice it can often be difficult to know which ones are reliable and which ones will let you down. Neff is an increasingly popular brand that sells a range of ovens and has become a favourite for many customers worldwide. A German brand Neff are renowned for their quality engineering modem look and reliability. In terms of pricing they are at the top end of the mass market kitchen brands.

Neff’s innovative range includes single and double style ovens with a range of features. Whatever your lifestyle is like, you may want an oven that is top quality, stylish and satisfies your cooking needs and this is where we take a look at what Neff has to offer in this dedicated buying guide.

Single Ovens

Single ovens are ideal for those of you who either have a limited kitchen space or simply only need one dedicated oven. Neff offers over 31 different types of single ovens with varying designs and features.

The B15CR32N1B single stainless steel oven from Neff is an award winning device which utilises CircoTherm and a unique hot air system which can be used simultaneously for baking and roasting with up to 3 levels.

In addition, this oven has a self -cleaning eco- clean system installed, which makes cleaning easier and has a shift control for easy navigation through menus and simple display.

Retracting Oven

If you are looking for an oven that has a retracting oven door then you may want to consider Neff’s B47VS34N0B Oven with VarioSteam Stainless steel.

This oven comes with the Slide and Hide fully retracting door, Vario Steam that cooks food moist inside and crisp on the outside for full enjoyment. It also contains the eco-clean facility, which makes cleaning easier and a bottom clean facility to clean the bottom of the oven seamlessly.

Double Ovens

Neff’s range of double ovens doesn’t disappoint with its innovative features and easy to use mechanisms making it both value for money and style. The Series 5 Model from Neff offers a flexi rail system, double controls, illuminated function display; heat up indicator, electronic control and much more.

Available in the sleek stainless steel, silver or white this double oven is ideal for those avid bakers and chefs.

If you are looking for a contemporary style double oven you may want to consider the Series 3 double oven from Neff that can cook two different dishes simultaneously!

This oven utilises the CircaTherm feature and eco cleaning and enables you to cook on 3 levels with its outstanding hot-air system ideal for roasting and baking. If you enjoy cooking or have a big family this double oven is ideal for those family gatherings or your family dinners.

Multifunction Fan Oven

The unique Cirqotherm system offers:

  • Faster oven heat up
  • More even cooking/baking
  • Multi-cooking on the different levels
  • No mixture of flavours

In Summary

Remember that when choosing which oven to use you should consider the size of the oven in relation to your kitchen space. The full size double oven is great but does not fit under a counter, but Neff do make a lovely under counter small double oven. However, unless you specifically need a double we recommend the under counter single.

Neff do not just make ovens they make all the major kitchen appliances, if you have the space a number of Neff appliances placed together look sleek and modern.

Neff also make a warming drawer that you can fit together with the oven. Although you probably will not use it frequently, it definitively adds status to your kitchen.

If you are looking for a quality modern looking oven at a reasonable price, we recommend Neff as our first choice.

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