Tune into the leather fad with leather sofas

While leather has been the long-time companion of offices, being evocative of maturity and solidity, since recently fashionistas have been ushering it into the residential domain. They have done so to a degree that presently furniture houses are now replete with home offerings, leather sofas included. Here is a short guide on what you have to beware and be aware of when buying a leather sofa.


Natural or PU leather/leather-match

First, you need to decide whether you would need natural or artificial (PU) leather. The first category may be more expensive but is more durable, too. Not least that, contrary to convention, it does "breathe" and is not cold (it gradually heats up as it absorbs the heat off your body).

With PU leather, you are to have a more cost-efficient solution but falls short of the durability and quality parameters of its natural counterpart. A cost saver is also the leather-match sofa. In this case, only the seat and arms will be made of leather, the rest will be a close imitation thereof. Bear in mind, however, that it wears out quite fast.

Corrected or pull-up

Then learn to distinguish among the various types of natural leather. Corrected and pull-up are among the most widespread. The corrected one has a uniform colour and is harder to wear because it has been applied a coating. It is also much more resistant to scratches and is ideal for homes with kids and pets.

The pull-up type of leather leaves a trail after running your fingernail on it and will much faster cover up with scratch traces so you should consider it if your sofa is for optimum use.

For longevity of your leather sofa choose one with hardwood frames. If you prefer comfort than longevity then choose one with reclining mechanism for better seating positions. If you have pets or kids choose leather resistant to stains and easy to clean. 

Where to find leather sofas?

Leather Sofa World, as the name presumes, is the specialist offering leather sofas of all types and colours, in a diverse range of shapes. Units of two, three or more pieces can be straight, corner, reclining, in combination with fabric or leather-only. You can also opt for a phased-out payment which will come interest-free.

With DFS, you have a rich selection of leather items on promotion. Many of them are offered with a discount of up to 50%. See all 99 items to figure out to get a full picture of what is in the fad today.

If you are up to vintage items whose design is reminiscent of times long past and or yet you are hunting for an ultra-modern solution, then check the items of The Chesterfield Company. The selection is not extensive but is surely boutique.

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