Go For Savings With Roof Insulation

Treading the energy saving path is a worthwhile exercise and insulating your roof is a valuable part of it. For one, roof insulation, along with foundation and wall insulation, can bring a 10-30% cut in annual heating bills (heating accounting for about 40% of total energy consumption).


Research also shows that roof insulation can achieve return on investment in about 2 years. Adding to that the fact that roof insulation can come free of charge (provided that you already have about 60 mm of insulation already, you live in a poverty-stricken area or are entitled to an income-based benefit), all hesitancy whether to have roof insulation or not is likely to be brought to naught.

Insulate the roof or the ceiling? On older homes insulating the ceiling may be easier while on newer homes the roof is better and easier to be insulated. 

Insulation materials

An important part of roof insulation is to select the right type of material. Please note that if you are eligible for free roof insulation, you will be given no choice. In 99% of the cases, it is mineral wool/glass fibre to be used.

However, if you are to pay for insulation, ensure that you have consulted with a specialist the moisture resistance, resilience and other parameters of materials such as phenolic foam, wood fibre board, cellulose, cotton, cellular glass, polystyrene, polyurethane.

Also consider having a sturdier material as a top cover to withstand wear and tear and UV radiation.

How much insulation

In the case of roof insulation, putting more is not always for the better. If the layer is too big, condensation might appear and lead to quick rotting of the material. Accumulated moisture can also cause damage to the joists. This is not only far from wholesome but can also pose a danger to the overall roof construction.

Cost considerations

Have in mind that there are several components comprising the overall cost. First, materials come with different cost depending on their size and grade. Then you have to crunch in labour costs (usually roof insulation takes about 3 hours). Then you need to include materials and supplies such as fasteners and vent flow baffles. Finally, enter the cost for the use of specialty equipment. Either your consultant or online roof insulation calculators can help you figure out the tentative costs.

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