Shopping for laminate flooring

There is so much about laminate flooring which can make you yearn for it. For one, it is so smooth that your silk stockings will never get torn; then it is easy to clean because its fitting permits no crevices in between; it can take virtually any colour you please and, last but not least, it is cheaper than its solid wood counterpart.

What pattern and colour

With laminate flooring, the good news is that it can mimic virtually any pattern you please. It can look as if tiled or patterned (textured), streaked or striped, depending on your needs in each particular room. The same goes with colour and with the many colours and nuances available, you can safely get it in sync either with the walls or its furniture.

Plank width

Depending on the design of the room and, naturally, on your preferences, you can choose between narrow and broad planks. The broader the plank, the more inconspicuous the boundaries. The narrower the plank, the more intense the pattern and the more difficult to crack or break it.

Wear rating matters

If laminate flooring is to be laid in offices or retail outlets, then it is very important that you get the highest wear rating available. This means that although you will have to pay a bit extra for special treatment of the contact surfaces, you will get an extended life for the flooring of choice. With premises whose occupancy presumes the entry and exit of a handful of people, these extra applications might prove unnecessary.

Always mind underlaying and accessories

While calculating the laminate flooring price total, do add the price of underlaying and accessories such as radiator collars, beading/scotia and castor cups. While not as costly as the flooring planks themselves, they might add about 15% to the total price.

Important things to look at when choosing laminate flooring

- Quality laminate flooring is easily recognizable by the thickness of the boards. The thicker the board - the better the quality

- The colour and the way you arrange the laminate flooring can make the room you are putting it in look different.

- Consider to usage of the area where you are laying laminate flooring. If the area is likely to get dirty easy, then choose a darker colour. If you have pets or a lot of dust, then it won't be as noticeable if you choose a lighter colour.

- Ask for warranty.

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