King Size Beds Let you Snooze in Luxury

Whether you’re up with the lark or a lazy late morning riser, nothing makes for a better night’s sleep than a luxurious king size bed. Being able to spread out and relax as you sleep means you’ll sleep more soundly and awake more refreshed! Take a few minutes to read our guide to king size beds to see if they’re right for you.

Why Choose King Size Beds?

People often associate size with grandeur and luxury. By choosing a king size bed over a double or queen size bed frame, you’ll enjoy the status associated with owning a luxuriously large bed!
Of course, you’ll also enjoy being able to stretch out and relax in your sleep, and if you have a partner who is known to hog more than their fair share of the mattress or covers, you’ll find a king size bed is the perfect solution – each of you will have more than enough space! It will be too big for one person so consider your size when choosing your bed. Queen sized bed will be a better choice for one person.

Choosing a King Size Bed Frame

There are many different types and styles of king size beds – which one you choose will depend on your tastes and budget. For a period home, a sleigh bed or Victorian style metal bed can look absolutely stunning, and it is possible to find a great deal on traditional style king size beds online.

If you’re looking to create a contemporary feel, modern chrome frames or upholstered leather king size beds look beautiful in even the most stylish city pads. Remember that a metal or wooden bed will be more durable and hard-wearing than a leather or fabric framed beds, so if you have children you should bear this in mind!

King Size Bed, King Size Mattress

Of course, you’ll need a king size mattress for your bed, and most online retailers offer deals to save you money when you purchase your mattress and bed frame at the same time. By ordering both your mattress and bed frame from the same company, you’ll save money on delivery and it will be much more convenient. 

Some bed retailers even stock duvets and a selection of king size bed linen, so you can buy everything you need for your new bed in one place. A king size bed is a great investment for anyone looking to enjoy a sound night’s sleep with plenty of space to relax. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary bed frame, it’s easy to find a huge range to choose from online – but always make sure you check the delivery costs and schedules before you place your order. Many companies will offer free delivery if your order exceeds a certain amount!

There are many different styles available on the market with prices starting as low as £150. 

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