Create the Perfect Working Environment with Home Office Furniture

As anyone who works from home knows, it can often be difficult to stay motivated, but by setting up a professional home office it’s easier to get into the right frame of mind for work. Our handy guide to home office furniture will help you to work out which items of furniture are right for your home office.


Before buying your home office furniture range you have to make sure that your have the main 3 points right:

- Desk - this the place where you will be spending a lot of hours so make sure that you buy one with enough storage, good height and of good quality

- Chair - you will get more work done if you are comfortable enough!

- Storage - your desk may not be enough for all your storage needs so consider extra storage which will let you organise your documents and files better. 

Focus on the Desk

Most of your time will be spent sitting at your desk, so it’s important that it is spacious enough for all your papers and belongings and that it is a comfortable height.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your desk – there are many websites offering excellent deals on home office furniture, and it’s easy to find a wide range to choose from at affordable prices.

Protect your Back

By choosing the right type of chair for your home office you can prevent back pain and injury. Your chair should have a supportive, adjustable back, arm rests, a comfortable seat and a swivel feature – ideally it should be on wheels to prevent you stretching unnecessarily across the desk and possibly straining a muscle.

It’s important to invest in a proper home office chair rather than using a dining chair as this type of chair does not offer adequate support. Adjustable office chairs allow you to modify the height of the seat and angle of the back rest so that you are comfortable throughout the working day.

File it Away

Don’t underestimate the importance of storage for your home office – it is easy to find a range of office storage items online. You’ll probably need a filing cabinet as well as a few box files and ring binders, and you may want to invest in other items such as a desk tidy.

Remember that if you are self-employed you can claim tax back on your business expenses, so keep receipts for anything you buy that is related to your business.

Finishing Touches

It’s important to ensure that your home office is comfortable and inspires you to work, so putting up a pin board on the wall or whiteboard where you can write down tasks for the day is a great option to help you stay organised.

Office supply companies usually have a range of whiteboards, pin boards and chalkboards to choose from. When shopping for home office furniture, it is important to select furniture which not only looks good but will create a comfortable environment to work in.

Whether you shop at a specialist office furniture retailer or a department or catalogue store for your home office furniture, it is easy to find a great deal online.

Where to find home office furniture

Viking Direct are one of the largest office suppliers. Being big lets them offer affordable prices and quick delivery. They also have a selection of a few office layouts which will make choosing the bundle easier. 

Office Furniture Online are one of the most experienced online trading stores for office furniture. They source the latest models and have a very contemporary vision. 

Oak Furniture Land also have a home office furniture collection. Of course, all is from oak.

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