A Consumer’s Guide to Fridge Freezers

It seems that white goods within the modern home have undergone somewhat of a space age advancement in recent years with washing machines, ovens and microwaves now offering advanced features that have cut down the time spent undertaking domestic duties. Fridge freezers have been no exception to this rule and today you can buy models that feature iced water dispensers, digital temperature gadgets with some even being able to house an inset television screen!


Buying a fridge freezer: A few quick tips

How much should you expect to pay for a fridge freezer?

Fridge freezers range from basic budget price points (starting from approximately £200) up to high end, luxury price points (£1000+). If you aren’t in a rush to purchase your fridge freezer then you may benefit from waiting for the Christmas sales where there are significant reductions across all electronic items.

Integrated or freestanding?

There are two main forms of fridge freezer: integrated or freestanding. The former of which is where the fridge freezer is installed within your existing kitchen units and is generally finished with a cover to conceal the fridge freezer completely. The latter (cheaper) option is fridge freezers that are moveable, standing on their own, free from your kitchen units.

If you are considering plumping for an integrated fridge freezer then you’ll need also to factor in the costs of the kitchen fitters, which can add considerably to the overall price. That said, integrated fridge freezers are far more aesthetically pleasing than their free standing counterparts.

Fridge freezer sizes

If you’re replacing an old fridge freezer then don’t forget to take down the measurements of it prior to throwing it out. If, on the other hand, you’re purchasing brand new, then you should get a good idea of dimensions from measuring the space in which your fridge freezer will sit.

First, you have to choose your width - 55, 60 or 60-80 cm. Then you have to choose your split - do you want bigger fridge than freezer? The splits are usually 50/50(split in half - same size fridge and freezer), 60/40, 70/30(with a smaller freezer, for fresh food lovers). 

Are all new fridge freezers covered by warranty?

Generally speaking if your new fridge freezer was to break down within 12 months of purchase then it would be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. That said, warranties can differ from manufacturer from manufacturer (both in terms of being shorter, as well as longer), so it may be wise to undertake a little research prior to purchasing your fridge freezer.

Other factors to consider when buying a fridge freezer

How will you dispose of your old fridge freezer?

No longer are fridge freezers an easy to throw out item. Today there are all sorts of rules and regulations as to how to safely dispose of them and as such you must either take it to a tip that accepts fridge freezers or call your local authority (if, that is, they undertake white good collections). It’s worth knowing however that if a company delivers your fridge freezer to you that they are then required by law to remove and dispose of your old fridge freezer for free!

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