The benefits of freestanding cookers

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, or your current cooker has simply packed in, then you may be pondering your choices. In this guide we look at what a freestanding cooker is, what the benefits are of owning one, and important factors to consider when choosing one.


What is a freestanding cooker?

In the most basic terms, a freestanding cooker is simply a cooker that stands on its own, and doesn’t need to be built into kitchen units. You can either slot this type of cooker into your existing work areas, or leave it standing alone, placed on the floor.

What are the benefits of owning a freestanding cooker?

Freestanding cookers are perfect for those that are looking for added flexibility; they can be placed anywhere where the power source (gas or electric) is available. This is particularly useful if the owner is moving home soon, or wishes to take the cooker with them when they do move.

Factors to consider when choosing a freestanding cooker

Freestanding cooker types

There are many different types of freestanding cookers. The most common is a single cooker, which has a singular oven, commonly teamed with a grill on top. The second type of freestanding cooker is one that comes with multiple ovens, whichcan be most suitable for those that do a lot of cooking and/or entertaining.

Freestanding cooker fuel types

The first type of fuel for freestanding cookers is electric, cookers of these types are the most popular by far, and many have fan assisted ovens rather than the older oven versions, which means that you can drastically cut down on cooking time. Electric cookers with ceramic hobs cost between £400-£600. Of course, the price can go up to £1,000 depending on the features and hobs. 

The second type of fuel for freestanding cookers is gas; this type of cookeris less popular than their electric cooker counterparts. That said, gas cookers do have more effective hobs, and provide instant heat, as opposed to electric hobs that take a while to heat up. The average prices paid for this type of cooker is £350. They are cheaper to run than electric cookers so worth a try.

A lesser used fuel type for freestanding cookers is that of duel fuel; these cookers utilise both electric and gas, so you benefit from a gas hob with instant heat, and an electric oven with shorter cooking time.

Self-cleaning freestanding cookers

Technology has, over the years, provided amazingly helpful functions; and today, we can look forward to self-cleaning cookers! These types of cookers use a special type of surfacing that effectively ‘catches’ food particles, and breaks them down. However ‘self-cleaning’ may be a bit of a misnomer, as they do require a little cleaning on your behalf!

There are many benefits of owning a freestanding cooker, not least the flexibility of them. If you’re choosing acooker such as this, then there are additional factors to consider if you are to get the most use out of them.

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