Maximise space use with fitted wardrobes

You have been fascinated by the prospect of seeing the shirts and suits, skirts and blouses, coats and overcoats, shoes, sandals and boots compartmentalised in close-to-perfect order? Well, let daydreaming become reality today. These are all benefits a fitted wardrobe can offer. How to find the one which will suit your bedroom best?


Niche finding

The first thing to do is to decide on its placement. This has to be a place which must be easily reachable. The very process of choosing your outfit may take long or you might need to get there several times before getting yourself fully dressed so you should be able to stand there freely. Besides, if your bedroom has niches, then this is a sure sign your wardrobe should be there. There is no better way of utilising that extra space than using it as a shelve and placing it behind closed doors.

If you are not sure about the space you have, if it can be turned into a fitted wardrobe, talk to a professional. They will be able to take the right measurements, help you with the storage needs inside the wardrobe. 

Syncing with bedroom furniture

The best solution for your bedroom would be if you bought all furniture, wardrobe included, in a single go. Naturally, this would solve all problems related to syncing colour, type of materials, not to mention style.

If, however, you have found your current wardrobe too small or lacking efficient distribution, then to avoid submerging into dissonance, you would need to find a consultant who would offer you the closest approximation possible in terms of materials, workmanship and looks. Or else, you could ask of the same of your bedroom manufacturer with the exact request to remodel your existing wardrobe.

Standard or bespoke

Buying a standard solution may be cheaper and is a fantastic option for rooms of standard dimensions. Yet if you have your own ideas on external and internal arrangement (should you decide that each family member should have his own individual space), then seek for your custom-made solution.

Many providers will "put the pencil" in your hands and let you design the wardrobe of your choice. Or yet you can let an in-house designer of a manufacturer examine your space and brainstorm ideas for you.

Betta Living has much in stock for you and to ease your search, it offers you to filter your preferences on the very first webpage (colour, style, sliding doors, etc.).

Sharps has all the options, made-to-measure included. A design tool is also available for all persons interested in having their personal input.

Strachan is the bespoke solutions specialist. Look out for them for an unexpected solution which will "open up" your space by using it in full.

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