Your Guide To Buying Recycling Bins

At first glance, buying a recycling bin seems a straightforward task to do. Going to the nearest supermarket and purchasing the simplest, traditional plastic variant might be just that. However, as the world has embraced concepts such as rationalisation and optimisation, as well as high technologies, now the choice of a recycling bin can be as sophisticated as that of any other kitchen appliance. From shape through purposes it might serve to hinging mechanisms, it is all for you to familiarise with and choose from.


Single compartment or divided

While previously it was ok to put all waste into a single compartment and dispose of it likewise, now neighbours and colleagues will grudge you or will politely remind you that separate waste disposal is not that difficult to do. Recycling bin manufacturers have tapped to the new environmentally friendly mindset and now there are bins with two or more compartments for, say, paper, glass and/or plastic. Double or triple compartment bins are also an ideal solution for those willing to use as little space as possible.

How do you know if something is recyclable or not?

Usually items come in wrapping or packaging with a symbol on the label with the numbers from 1 to 7. Labels with numbers 1 or 2 are put on fully recyclable packaging. For anything with the number 3 and above - you should consult with your local council. 

Compacting technology

Presently, there are recycling bins whose mechanisms can compact your waste up to fivefold and do so in seconds. This will both reduce the bin emptying effort timesfold and will make waste easier to carry and dispose.

Hinging mechanisms

While bins can be placed visibly below your desk or in the corridor, others can be integrated in a cabinet with the relevant hinging mechanism. Decide whether you would need the bin hinged with a sliding mechanism or affixed statically to the door. For the exposed bin version, you can ensure that it stay in place with specific platforms. The slide-and-click mechanism helps you affix or release the bin from the platform. 

John Lewis taps to high-end clients. For several hundreds of pounds, you will get the latest generation of bins. This includes the abovementioned compacting technology, alongside an anti-jam and overload detector. It always comes integrated in a cabinet and will have a guarantee of 1 year. 

Office bins, on the other hand, caters to clients in need of the cheapest, simplest solution which can be placed below the desk and disposed off just as light-heartedly as the garbage it contains. The website provides a wide variety of colours, capacities, individual items or groups of them. 

Lakeland also offers a wide variety of bins: divided, roll out, slim, no cover, with pedal or not. Review the selection, read the reviews, see whether your item is in stock and buy.

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