A buyer’s guide to fabric blinds

If you’re considering replacing your fabric blinds or buying them for the first time then you’ll need to keep some important considerations in mind if you’re to chose the correct blinds for your needs. In this guide we tell you about these factors and explain how you can make a saving when shopping online.

Types of fabric blinds

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are extremely easy to fit and offer the utmost practicality. They can be used to compliment curtains or used on their own for a more simple look. If you’re looking for a little bit more interest then choose fabrics that are textured or patterned.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds very often make for an altogether more attractive type of blind. These blinds are made from soft layers and can look far more dramatic than the practical roller blind.

Pleated Blinds

This type is very neat and take minimal space. They can add ellegant touch to your windows and provide soft shading.

‘Dimensions’ blinds

These blinds feature fabric that hang vertically with panels of varying sizes. Dimensions blinds are great for rooms where there are large window areas, they can also be used to divide up a room.

Factors to consider when purchasing fabrics blinds


The media has recently picked up on various stories of children accidentally hanging themselves by getting caught up in blind cords and so thinking about safety when choosing your blinds should be of paramount importance, particularly for homes that have young children. An alternative to the traditional cord is the stick, which can be turned to open and close blinds. For blinds where a cord is necessary for operation you should have a wall mounted cord tie and ensure that it is used each and every time.

Taking your measurements

In order to measure for your blinds you need to use a tape that checks the window’s height and width. For the width you should check the measurement in three areas (just in case it differs from area to area). Finally you should check your measurements twice, just to ensure they’re absolutely correctly.

Saving money on your fabric blinds

Using Google Shop

To gain a brief overview of pricing you should use Google shopping (simply type in fabric blinds and click on the ‘shopping’ button at the top of the page). This will give you an idea of how much you’re looking to pay.

Checking out delivery charges

Delivery charges can be considerable when shopping online so be sure to check how much the charges are before you even start browsing online.

Checking website reputation

Whilst it’s impossible to check the quality of the items found on a website you can check out the website’s reputation with previous customers. Find consumer review websites and see what people’s experiences have had.

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