Why extending tables are so convenient

Extending tables form an essential convenience for many. However the extending tables of today go beyond convenience and offer style and design that can suit even the most modern of homes. In this guide we look at the different uses for extending tables, and how much they’ve changed over the years.

How extending tables work
Generally, extending tables feature a main, central part that can sit anything up to four people (or six in the larger models). They have hinged parts at either end that can be propped up by a bar that is hidden underneath to extend the table as and when is required.

Lesser known models work by having the two main parts slide away from each other, and then a middle section is inserted by the table owner. This can offer a more solid form, which can often mean they are more durable, and consequentially they can have a longer life span.

Another type of extending tables is the one that can double the size as there are 2 equal by size tops as one is lying on the top of the other. When needed they can slide away and stand next to each other and this way you can have a table for 4 or 6, which can get twice as big. Just bear in mind if you have enough space for the extended version. 

Uses for extending tables
Practical extending tables
Practical extending tables have many uses; from tables for car booters, to tables for doing all important DIY, such as hanging wall paper. This is particularly useful for those that don’t have the space to store different tables for different purposes.

Dining extending tables
For those that do a lot of entertaining, but usually live by themselves or with a relatively small family, extending tables are the perfect solution. Additionally they are no longer the uncomfortable tables of old, and the current range of tables incorporate everything from budget, practical models, to cutting edge designer tables that can cost thousands of pounds. This means that for every budget, there is an extending table to match.

The space saved by using an extending table can be invaluable, particularly for those that live in smaller than average homes or flats.

The extending tables of today
Today extending tables are more effective than ever; this will come as welcome news to many, who have in the past faced collapsing car boot display and wobbly dinning for those that are placed on the extending parts. Manufactures incorporate every material possible, from practical stainless steel, to beautifully intricate mahogany; this means that whether your house is tastefully decorated, or has décor that is all about practicality, they’ll be an extending table to suit your design needs.

The extending tables that are on the market today are as far removed from the original extending tables as they possibly can be. They offer convenience and practically as much as they offer style and cutting edge design. The wide range of these tables on the market today offer something for everyone, so you are sure to find something to perfectly complement your home.

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