A Buyers Guide to: Dressing Tables

Dressing tables can provide extra storage space for a bedroom as well as a discreet place to for women to do their hair and make-up. In this guide we talk you through what to consider when looking for a dressing table for your bedroom.

Space and location
When looking for a dressing table begin by measuring out any space you’ve cleared for consideration, doing so will help you see if the dressing table will hinder the existing space in your bedroom and reduce the walking space around the bed. A way of limiting the amount of space taken up is to look for a dressing table that comes with a stool or armchair that can easily slide underneath the dressing table when not in use. If you’re planning to place it in an alcove, take into consideration skirting boards and radiator pipes. Also consider the best spot for a dressing table in terms of light, if there’s no space near a window then make sure it’s near a plug socket for a lamp.

If you’ve got an extensive make-up and or jewellery collection you might want several options for storage, and a dressing table that has a large surface area for storing and laying out your cosmetics. Whereas if you have fewer items to store; you might want to place more emphasis on a dressing table with a streamlined design. Shallow drawers are ideal for jewellery, cosmetic, toiletries etc. While deeper drawers are better for clothes and undergarments.

Classic: dressing tables tend to be pedestal shaped with either a single or double drawer on both sides, and a place in between to sit. They can also come with a mirror – either already attached or sold separately. Classic dressing tables provide plenty of storage but can be quite hefty and are best suited to larger bedrooms. They also vary in style from polished wood to painted antique, with curved lines and decorative ornaments and handles.

Contemporary: dressing tables are simpler in style with minimal detailing. They are also usually smaller than classic pedestal dressing tables, meaning they are a great space saving solution. They tend to have shallow drawers with built in divisions to separate your items. They might even look tiny like a normal desk with hidden storage space under a lift up top which can be equipped with attached mirror, so you can see only when you sit and use the dressing table. Modern design tables can come in lots of materials, shapes and colours with lacquered or mat polish/finish.

And finally
When choosing a dressing table, as well as considering what has been discussed above it’s also important to make sure that it matches the other furniture and features in your bedroom. Opting for a dressing table with a neutral colour or wood tends to suit most decors and is unlikely to look out of place even if you re-decorate your bedroom.

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