How to find the curtain poles serving your needs best

While they tend to be inconspicuous, they all are part of the setup making your home stylish and cozy. Curtain poles, if properly chosen, have that distinctive quality of mingling with the environment while enhancing the effect of curtains and drapes. This is why, you have to approach the curtain pole purchase seriously to ensure no hit-and-miss over negligence.

Choosing size and type

Just like the length of the curtains, so is curtain pole length and size crucial to the natural outlook of your curtained windows. The standard is for the poles to be a bit wider than window width whereas their size must be all the larger with the increase of curtain or drape weight. If you have windows on two walls, then you'd best search for bay window poles, rather than the conventional pole solution. If need be, you can also buy extendable or extra long poles.

Choosing the rings and finials

Rings may be smaller and thinner if you plan to hang light and/or short curtains. If drapes you plan to hang are heavy, a way to ensure they do not drop off is to curtain the length in between rings. Finials, for their part, would live up best to its decorative purpose if they are consonant with the pattern or texture of the curtain. It is advisable all accessories (rings, hooks, fittings) to be the same finish and colour as the pole.

Choosing the colour

Poles must have exactly the same colour and shade as that of the curtain to look natural. A safe bet is to match them with curtains' dominant colour.

Choosing the material

You can have your poles made of metal, plastic or wood or any combination thereof. While wooden poles are excellent with more conventional interiors, avant-garde ones would cling to the metal ones while plastic is the low-cost solution.

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