Composite Doors Benefit your Home in More Ways Than One

When choosing a new door for your home, there are so many things to think about that it can become a bit confusing. Not only do you need to consider safety and security, but you also need to look for a weatherproof door which improves your energy efficiency and reduces your energy bills, keeping heat in and the cold out. Not all doors are created equal, and with composite doors, there are a number of benefits which will ensure you’re completely satisfied with your choice of new door. Take a few minutes to read our guide to composite doors and we promise we’ll persuade you that this is the best type of door for your needs!

What are Composite Doors?

In case you’re wondering what composite doors are, they’re simply door that are made from multiple materials. This means that they combine the benefits of each material to create a door which is far superior to a door made from one material alone, such as a wooden or UPVC door. The core of a composite door could be made from wood, with other insulating materials and layers added, and a weatherproof skin laid over the top to finish off the door, resulting in a beautiful and hardwearing door that will last for years to come.

The Benefits

Choosing a UPVC door may seem like a great option, but some UPVC doors aren’t particularly strong. Wooden doors are beautiful and add a stunning finish to your home, but they aren’t weatherproof, and will require varnishing, painting and weatherproofing regularly to ensure they have a long lifespan. You’ll find that you pay a little more for a composite door, but most of the negatives associated with doors made from a single material will vanish, leaving you with a strong, secure door that requires little to no maintenance to stay looking beautiful for longer. You can switch any of your external doors for a composite door and enjoy the benefits. Composite doors are usually injected with an extra layer of insulation – this is a polyurethane foam core which really does help to insulate your home, keeping it warm and cosy. You could see a reduction in your energy bills by installing one of these doors this winter!

Additional advantage of composite doors is that they do not require special maintainance and are easy to clean. Except being more secure and keeping your home save from burglars, they also will add value to your proeprty. So when buying a composite door consider all these benefits.

If you’re shopping online for a new external door, consider composite doors as the alternative to traditional doors made from a single material – they’re the future!

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