Why combi boilers are a perfect solution

A combi boiler is an excellent solution for anyone using gas both for heating and hot water. Among its advantages is that it occupies less space than its conventional counterparts because it needs no hot water tank and is fed directly from the mains. If you have taken a decision to buy one, there are several components to consider. For one, you would need it at a moderate price; you would want it with as long a warranty term as possible; you would no less want it with parameters guaranteeing energy and cost efficiency, as well as safety. There are quite a few combi boilers meeting all these requirements but which one is the best one for you?

New or replacement

First, you will have to establish with your future seller whether you would be buying a new combi boiler or would be replacing an old one. If already having one, it is quite likely that your current gas provider offer you attractive offers for upgrading to a make and model of a later generation. Buying a new one, in turn, could arrive with loyalty discount if you sign along with the purchase a long-term gas consumption agreement.

Wall-mounted or free-standing?

If you have little space, you might be willing to get a wall-mounted boiler. Having it hanging at a height close to the ceiling, you will have every inch of your floor space passable or ready for alternative use. Free-standing boilers are excellent if you have a special boiler room and you would prefer to have immediate access to its indicators.

What might frustrate the work of combi boilers?

Combi boilers might be a problem if the pressure in your water mains is low and if you use many taps at a time, installers warn. Do consult a specialist if either is an issue at your house. Combi boilers are small and compact with high energy efficiency which can save you money on fuel and electricity bills. But be aware that being small and not having a water tank the water might be insufficient in case all taps are in use at the same time as the pressure is reduced.

British Gas has an excellent collection of combi boilers for you. Read the combi boiler section to find out which one would work best for you.
At Boiler Quotes, you get the chance to buy both new and replacement boilers. Choose which one you need, how soon you need it, specify the property you have, the property's ownership status and off you go to a selection of offers.
Which?, for its part, has an ample collection of boiler reviews which will inform you what the best buys would be in your particular case.

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