Technicalities Matter When Buying Solar Panels

When buying solar panels, you have to more than ever get technical. Technical specifications such as conversion efficiency, tolerance, temperature coefficient, embodied energy, type of material, among others, should be thoroughly examined to make a valid assessment of all options. If none of these rings a bell to you, then call for expert assistance or postpone your purchase until you understand the matter well.


Energy over lifetime

In making a comparison, a very important feature is how much energy your solar panel will be able to generate throughout its lifetime. Start your query with longevity issues to ensure you are clean and clear about the share of overall consumption your solar panels will bring. You will, thus, know the savings your energy independence tool has brought to you, as well as how fast you will achieve a return on investment.

Costly might be cheaper

There are a number of reasons to curb the cost factor in favour of others. The available quality ranking for all solar panels on the market will bring this point home. The points of differentiation for this ranking are vertical integration, use of robotics in solar panel manufacture, presence of silicon cells and R&D (Based on it, only 2% of all manufacturers are in Tier 1, 8% in Tier 2 and the remaining assemblers-only 90% are in Tier 3).

Because of all the features mentioned and the large inherent investment, the products of Tier 1 manufacturers are the most expensive one. Yet again because of that, they are also often times cheaper, not least over their ability to generate more Watts per cell than any of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 counterparts.

A whole solar panel system with around 10-13 panels will roughly cost you £5,500 excl. VAT(5% for solar systems). With necessary maintenance over time the price will roughly go up to £7,250 in total. This system in its lifetime of 25 years is expected to generate over 88,000 kWh of electricity. 


An important portion of your package should be the warranty. Finding the longest warranty period will ensure that you stay in specialist hands until your product pays out and all defects, if any, are eliminated.

Spirit Solar guarantee to pave your way to energy independence. They argue that their solar panels will cover up to 60% of your electricity consumption, while a solar hot water solution will cover 60% of your annual hot water needs.

Best Value Deals, in turn, promises to halve your energy bills and tangibly reduced carbon footprint with any of their environment-friendly products.

At Sunshine Solar, you have a wide array of solar solutions with almost all materials available on the market, the very efficient monocrystalline included.

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