The benefits of built in ovens

More and more modern homes are opting to fit built in ovens. They certainly provide a less obtrusive look as compared to standard ovens. In this guide we look at what the benefits are of built in ovens, and the factors you should consider when choosing one.

The benefits of built in ovens

Options, options, options
One of the main benefits of having a built in oven is that it can be fitted wherever you wish, at your choice of height. Conversely, free standing ovens are at a set height, which can see their users doubling over to collect food, which is far from practical for even the most mobile of people.

Choice of hob
Because built in ovens have a separate hob you can team them with a hob of your choice. This furthers the flexibility of opting for this type of oven.

Built in ovens are extremely stylish and they can be fitted into cupboard space and be entirely unobtrusive on the look of your kitchen. They come in modern/with touch control, hidden buttons and handle/ or rustic style and in various colours so you can match them with the kitchen units and the rest of the appliances. 

Factors to consider when choosing a built in oven

Gas or Electric?
Whilst around 90% of the oven market is made up of electric ovens, there are still those that prefer gas, particularly those that like to bake. As with free standing ovens, opting for gas means that you are limited for choice.

Single or double built in oven?
The choice between a single or double oven will mostly depend on how you use your oven, and how many people live in your house. If there is only one or two people in the household, then a single oven should suffice, however for those that entertain, or have more than 2 people, then a double oven may be well worth considering.

How Much Space Do They Need?
Generally built in ovens are around 60cm wide (around the same width as a standard kitchen oven); however you should make sure as there are 90 cm ovens and take care to choose the correct depth, as these can vary greatly.

Flashy features
Built in ovens, like everything that within the technology realm, have made great advancements within the last decade. When choosing a built in oven you’ll be faced with a huge array of additional features. Particularly impressive examples include: alarm clocks, electronic display, telescopic pull-out trays, ‘burn sensitive ovens’ (which turn off if the food burns) and ovens with pre-set options for certain foods.

Who should fit your built in oven?
Built in ovens may come with a free fitting, however there are some places that don’t offer this service. In this case you should seriously consider having a professional fit it, as with all electrical items, fitted wrong they can be nothing short of fatal.

There are many reasons why more and more people are choosing built in ovens over standard, free standing ovens. If you choose to follow this latest trend, then ensure you choose the right model and seriously consider having a professional fit it.

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