Bed frames of today

As the world of home décor continues to diversify, and with more and more people looking to put a personalised stamp on their homes, finding products that meet your needs can be difficult. However one often overlooked area of home décor is the choice of bed frame. Whilst many plump for straight forward divans and uninteresting head boards, the bed frames of today can make a real focal point of any bedroom. In this guide we look at the bed frames of today, and how they offer that essential personal stamp to any home.


Today bed frames come in the widest range possible, coming in all shapes, sizes(single, double, queen or king size), colours and materials. Particularly popular traditional bed frames are those that are made out of wood or wrought iron; the latter of which is particularly popular for those that live in period homes.

For the modern home, the flavor of the day appears to be leather, or faux leather frames with huge head boards. Bear in mid they might need some more care and maintenance with the time.


Whilst design is obviously important, there are essential features that any bed frame should have. Here are the most important ones:

Whilst a bed frame may look great, if it’s not of a solid design and well made you may find yourself in amongst a collapsed bed frame. Ensure that you choose a reputable bed frame maker; and always bear in mind that you get what you pay for, so, if you’re looking at a £50 bed frame, you may get a deal today, that breaks within a week.

Do you need space under the bed? Well then you’ll need a bed frame that has sufficient space between from the floor and your bed. There’s plenty of products on the market today that can make the most of this space, so you need not pine for the space that the average divan bed provides. Whether you choose lifting up the mattress or pulling drawers both sides, be sure you can keep a lot of stuff underneath. 

Remember that if the bed is lifted from the floor on legs, there will be no ability for storage. 

Additionally you should always remember what size you’re looking for; bear in mind that whilst that super king size bed frame may not be so expensive, the mattress to go with it is likely to far outweigh the cost of the bed frame. That said, super king size beds are the lap of sleeping luxury.

Bed frames on the market today are nothing short of amazing. From the range of designs to the fact that quality bed frames now come at reasonable prices, there really is something to suit every home, and every budget.

If you’re looking for your new bed frame, then you will probably have been surprised to learn just how much of an impact on a bedroom they can have. For those with minimalistic rooms, the need for a touch of interest is ever more important.

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