How to find the bathscreen your bath and family will love

Durable, easy to clean and pleasing to the eye. These are usually the requirements toward any bathroom item, bathscreens included. While an accessory, a bathscreen is highly visible, if for its sheer size; therefore, it must be carefully chosen so as to have a nice-looking and well-arranged bathroom space.

Choosing the material

Usually, manufacturers will let you choose between glass or plastics. Glass is an excellent material in that it is clear and easy to clean. However, it is more brittle than its plastic counterpart. For this reason, if you insist on glass and you have little children or pets, then you should be going for reinforced glass which can either be frosted so it will keep your privacy and hide some marks from water. Plastic, for its part, is a bit cheaper and is a good solution if you are looking for a pretty but also low-cost solution.

Choosing the shape

Whether your bath or shower space is oval or circular or quadrangular or yet multi-angular, the size and dimensions of your bathscreen must be an exact replica thereof, only an inch or two larger. Make sure that you have made the exact measurements beforehand to ensure it is a neat fit.

Choosing the mechanism

Unless you want a bathscreen comprising of a single pane, you have to mind the type of mechanism entailed. There are three main options: folding, sliding and pivot, with variations and combinations thereof. Consider also whether to have a handle or not.

With or without frames

Consider also whether to have your bathscreens framed or not. If your tiles, sinks and baths are created in a pattern which sees the dominant colour lined on edges, then frames might be a good idea. For families with children, frames might also be a good idea for safety reasons. Double hinged screens are considered more safe and secure. has dubbed bathscreens with their other name enclosures and they may be found in the bath section of the main menu. You have the option to choose among hinged, sliding, quadrant and walk-in enclosures, among others and you can enjoy the convenience of seeing the price of all models straight away.

Splashdirect offers bathscreens which can be filtered by brand, time of delivery and stock status. Review the offer, select the model you like, pay and choose when to have it.

With Victoria Plumb, you have great discounts as always. Take the time to review the multitude of models and make a well-informed purchase. See also the buying guides to ensure that you are not missing an important detail when choosing.

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