Bathroom radiators of today

Choosing a bathroom radiator today can certainly sound easier than it is with so many different types, varying fittings, colours, styles and materials it can be easy to become confused. Additionally bathroom radiators can often seem to be rather expensive. In this guide we look at some of the bathroom radiators on the market today, and how even the most stylish of them can suit any budget.


Towel radiators/Heated towel rails
Towel radiators are pretty much the same thing as heated towel rails, and come in many different styles. These types of bathroom radiators are the most popular in the modern bathroom, as they provide a convenient way to heat your towels as well as being super efficient bathroom heaters.

Traditional bathroom radiators
Traditional bathroom radiators are found not only in bathrooms that haven’t updated their bathroom in a while, but actually are found in more and more bathrooms that have had a make over and are drawing on the retro and vintage fashion of home décor.

A popular choice in such an instance are the heavy cast iron radiators that are mock Victorian; these industrialised, yet elegant bathroom radiators offer efficient heating due to their large surface area.

Designer radiators
Designer radiators come in the widest range of styles imaginable, from the relatively understated, to the positively outlandish. Top of the end designer radiators can cost more than a pretty penny, in fact, they can cost in the tens of thousands of pounds.


This may come as a surprise to you, but there are different types of radiators for different central heating systems. And radiators fall under two distinct types: electric only and duel fuel types. This means that the connectors will change from radiator to radiator. If you’re unsure, just check the details on the bathroom radiator product, or with the supplier.


In addition to complexities of considering your heating system when looking into bathroom radiators, you also need to think about how your piping will work. The two types are from floor pipes, and from wall pipes. If you’re anything less than an expert (a plumber, for example) you may wish to leave your pipes well alone and call someone in, that is if you are to avoid a flood in your home!

Choosing you radiator also should be determined by the dimensions of the room you are going to place it in so consider the size of the radiator and make sure you have measured everything carefully.

Bathroom radiators of today come in the widest range possible; from the relatively traditional of bathrooms of yesterday, to designer bathroom radiators that can be nothing short of extortionate. If you’re on the search for your perfect bathroom radiator then you should first consider the practicalities such as what central heating system you have, and where your pipes come from.

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