Switch Fuel Suppliers for Significant Savings

Choosing a gas and electric supplier can be a challenge – there are many different suppliers offering a range of deals that it can be confusing to know which offers the best value for money. With the rising cost of fuel over the past few years, you could be saving money and energy by switching to a new supplier, whether you’re moving into a new property or simply looking to save money on your fuel bills. Here’s our guide to switching gas and electric suppliers with the minimum of fuss.


Choosing a Supplier

There are websites available such as uswitch.comgocompare.com and energyhelpline.com where you can compare suppliers, tariffs and packages to find the best one for your needs. But what do you need to take into account when comparing deals?

• Your current usage – are you a ‘low user’ consuming 10,000 kWh of gas and 1,650 kWh of electricity a year, a ‘medium user’ or a ‘high user’ consuming 28,000 kWh of gas and 4,950 kWh of electricity a year?

• Are you looking for a fixed rate or variable tariff? With a variable tariff, your bills can go up or down depending on fuel prices.

• Is a green energy tariff important to you? These tariffs rely on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy

• How do you want to pay? Most suppliers offer direct debit or quarterly options but not all do, so it’s important to check the supplier of your choice offers the payment option you prefer.

The average annual bill for electricity is £700, while the annual gas bill is £680. 

Many would go for bigger suppliers as trusted companies on the market but it's worth considering small companies as they usually have amazing deals to make a good name to start with. 

How to Make the Switch

Once you’ve found the cheapest and best supplier for your gas and electricity, there is some information you’ll need in order to make the switch. Your current address, payment method, supplier and your tariffs, as well as your annual usage (this information can be found on your last bill) are all required by the switching company or the new supplier.

You have a cooling off period of 12-14 days during which time you can cancel your switch if you change your mind. The whole process usually takes around 4-8 weeks, and your new energy supplier will contact your current supplier to make the arrangements. Your new gas and electricity supplier will be in touch with you directly to confirm the start date of your supply and details of when you need to make your first payment.

Npower have almost 7 million customers across the UK and generate their own renewable energy using wind and hydro power. As one of the UK’s ‘big 6’ energy providers, they allow customers to manage their accounts online and offer tips on energy saving and efficiency.

British Gas is the UK’s largest energy provider and they supply over 6 million homes with electricity and 11 million homes with gas nationwide. They are committed to renewable, green energy and offer a range of tariffs to suit customers’ needs.

EDF Energy is the South East, South West and London’s largest electricity supplier. They support climate change initiatives and manage wind farms across the country, providing gas and electricity at competitive prices with a fixed tariff for 2 years available to new customers.

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