Dining chairs for the modern home

Choosing dining chairs for the modern home can be a bit of a chore, particular if you’re looking for a set that will suit a very specific style. In this guide we look at the popular dining chairs of today, and step you through the process of choosing a dinning chair set.

How high do you need your dining chairs to be?
This sounds like an obvious question, but you need to know how high you need your chairs to be! This doesn’t just mean taking a wild guess, as, believe it or not, even an inch can make all the difference. So get that tape measure out so you know for certain how high you need your chairs to be.

What style do you want to go for?
Many think that because they have a traditional oak table, they can’t opt for the more outlandish of dinning chair sets. However these people couldn’t be further from the truth. By choosing a dinning chair set in a different style to your table you make your dinning area a focal point of the room by creating a clever contrast.

Do you need to match dinning chair colours and materials to your table?
The answer to this question, in short, is no. Again, by choosing a colour that contrasts against your table you can compliment the dinning space. So for pale ash wood, why not try a striking red dinning chair set? Or for wonderfully deep mahogany, why not go for mustard yellow? You may be surprised at what goes with what, so you may wish to grab a fabric swatch to take home and try out.

What styles of dining chair are ‘in’?
All too many people want to choose furniture that is ‘in’ at the time. However in doing so you run the risk of merely ‘keeping up with the Jones’ and not really getting something you want. The most important factor to consider in relation to any home décor is that style is timeless, fashions are not.

Leather or fabric?
Amongst the huge variety of colours and patterns for the upholstered chairs, there is one main question you need to answer before buying. And you have to choose between leather or fabric based on your needs and preferences, not because it is trendy. Leather is a great choice for those who like classic and posh dinning rooms, but mind that it will need some more special care. While there are the fabrics which are stain and water resistant and you will not worry if you spill some liquids out.

Are you thinking about comfort?
Whilst many dinning chairs may look stunning on the face of it, you may find that after sitting on them for only ten minutes you get rather a numb bum. So don’t just go for style, whilst those plastic moulded chairs may look great, they won’t be anywhere near as comfortable as fabric upholstered ones.

Hopefully you’re ready to start your dinning chair search, however if there’s only one thing that you take away from this guide, remember that substance over style wins every time. Don’t get tempted by the latest trend in plastic chairs that will go out of fashion as quickly as they’re come into it.

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