3 Great things about stacking chairs

The stacking chairs of today are far more impressive than at first they seem; with a surprising history, and lots of benefits, we look at the 3 great things about stacking chairs.


3. They save space

The number one reason that people buy stacking chairs is obviously because they save space. By stacking around 5 at a time, you obviously save on five times the space! Whilst they seem a part of every day life in schools and offices up and down the country, you should think back to how people coped beforehand, schools were forced to move chairs in and out of rooms and buildings and were drastically short on space because of the relatively immovable ‘normal’ chairs.

2. They’re durable

Because stacking chairs are generally used in industrial or commercial settings, they have to be durable; and today’s technologies have really honed in on how to make stacking chairs truly last a life time. The seats come in a hard, yet flexible plastic, which allows for both comfort and durability; and their frames are made from solid metal that follow designs that can undertake the biggest of impact or largest of loads.

When you are stacking stacking chairs be careful to avoid scratches or damage to them which may be caused by  rough handling. Same goes for when "un-stacking" them. Wipe them down regularly to keep them clean and care for them according to manufacturer's guidelines. 

1. They’re no longer the stacking chairs of old

Many, when they hear the term ‘stacking chairs’ will think of the staking chairs of old, where comfort was not generally associated with the standard stacking chair. To this end the ‘typical’ image that springs to mind is the stacking chairs that came in one colour and style only: orange and black school stacking chairs.

Today they come in a huge variety of colour combinations, styles and materials. They can be customised to fit into any décor, and because of their long history, many choose stacking style chairs for the home, providing many a home with a touch of trendy retro class.

For industrial purposes, they are similarly wide in range, from factories that require stacking chairs for canteens, to large colleges and schools that need the convenience of being able to have that extra space as and when is required. This is perfect for schools up and down the country that have become notoriously short on space due to over crowding; with stacking chairs, gym halls can easily treble their uses as assembly halls and pop up classrooms.

Stacking chairs are far from what they started out life as; whilst they retain the durability and consumer convenience that they became famous for, they have now become so adapted from the original version that people are even taking them up in their own homes to add a touch of style. Those that use stacking chairs for their original purpose, in schools and industrial settings, can expect to benefit from advanced designs and materials that will see their chairs last a lifetime.

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