Rattan furniture for your home and garden

Light, natural, weatherproof, UV-resistant, anti-fade, anti-rust - yes, this is all about rattan furniture. For all these properties, it is the preferred material for garden and conservatory furniture. But not only. Many designers use it in refined, antique designs even in bedrooms. If enticed by rattan's properties, too, then see the quick overview of what is on offer, both for indoor and outdoor use.


What to blend it with

As already mentioned, rattan has no limits. The collective name of as many as 600 species of palms, rattan can be used for almost as many types of furniture: tables and chairs, sofas and armchairs, footstools and storages, and even accessories. An important decision you should take is whether you would need a second type of material.

While rattan can stay on its own, adding glass or fabric can bring in comfort and utility. After all, however fine the pattern of your all-rattan table, it will hardly ever mimic the flatness of glass and you will always have to be extra careful when putting your drink on the table. However well woven, rattan is unlikely to come to terms with padded fabric in terms of softness and pleasure to sit on.

Choosing a weaving pattern

Rattan manufacturers have perfected many weaving patterns and among them there are such which resemble quadrants, elongated palm leaves (especially suitable for chairbacks), densely or loosely interwoven strands, both fine and coarse. When buying multi-piece furniture, make sure that you either buy them all of the same model or have their patterns mutually compatible.

Natural or synthetic

Not long ago, natural rattan acquired its plastic counterpart. Synthetic rattan touts the same durability and weather resistance properties, not to mention appearance, and what is more, it is more flexible and, thus, less likely to break. Although slightly more expensive, it is also believed to be worth it.

Although sun and snow don't really affect the quality of the rattan, if exposed the quality of the material worsens if left out without cover. Colour may fade over time but the material will still be as durable as from the start.

Rattan Furniture Providers

Rattan Direct is delivered free with a 5-year warranty and can be paid out in portions, the remainder of the payable sum being at no interest. The all-around rattan specialist has all kinds of furniture for any room at your home, for your garden and conservatory.

At Amazon, a rattan furniture search will return results with discount items on top. If you are looking for a budget solution, then start looking right there.

HOMESDIRECT is for shoppers who look for bespoke solutions. If you want rattan dyed in white and used, say, in antique French furniture, then this is your place. Free delivery for the UK guaranteed.

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